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How does work?
If you have a Smart Meter installed at your home or business, your electric usage is measured and recorded every hour. PPL customers already have Smart Meters installed. Respond Power uses the Smart Meter and matches your hourly usage against the hourly power price to produce a Smart Bill. You save money and can earn rewards and rebates by paying attention to the price alerts we send you and powering down during very high-priced hours.
How much does it cost to join
It doesn't cost anything. You do need to enroll to become a Respond Power customer in order for us to process your Smart Bill and generate your power rebates/rewards.
How soon will I be eligible to earn rewards?
It takes between 30-45 days for Respond Power to process your enrollment as a new customer. This timing is set by PPL and we have to wait to receive your first set of meter reads before we can produce your first Smart Bill. You will be notified when you are an active customer.
If I shut down and unplug everything during high price alerts, I'll definitely get a reward, right?
Almost certainly. We won't know until your bill is generated. The reason is because hourly prices can fluctuate significantly and each hour of the month generates a different price. If you consistently cut down on some discretionary power usage during those high priced hours, you will almost certainly earn a rewards.
Do you work with my utility company?
Your utility will always respond to any power outage or emergency as well as deliver the power to your home or business over their power lines. Respond Power buys your actual power from suppliers at the most competitive prices and it is delivered through the utilities' power lines. We also monitor your hourly usage and issue you a virtual Smart Bill for your energy rebates.
Do you know what my electricity is being used for?
Neither the Smart Meters nor Respond Power Rewards will ever know what your electricity is being used for or be able to adjust the amount of energy flowing into your home or business.
Who do I call in case of a power outage or an emergency?
You still call PPL. Their number is 1-800-342-5775.
Am I guaranteed to earn rewards?
No - but it is extremely likely. The more attention you pay to high priced hours, the greater the likelihood that you will earn significant rewards and rebates. Studies have shown that customers who really pay attention to high priced hours can cut as much as 20-25% off their electric bill.
I want to change how I get alerts. How do I do that?
Once you are a customer and in our system, simply log into your account on Click the MY ACCOUNT tab and scroll down to the Price Alerts box to tell us how you want your price alerts - email, text or both.
Am I helping the environment and the planet?
Yes. When less overall power is used during peak times (when prices are the highest), your utility company doesn't require as many power plants ready to be turned on. Fewer generators mean less pollution and less carbon. This is a true Green product.
This is great! Can I recommend you to friends and family that live out of state?
We currently service gas and electric customers in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio and we are in the process of expanding into other states. We offer gas and electricity at the most competitive rates, however, is only available if you have a Smart Meter installed. In the PPL service area, all customers have Smart Meters. In other states at this time, usually only the larger commercial customers have Smart Meters. Call us toll-free at 877-973-7763 and we will be happy to see if you qualify to enroll.
What are the consumer's rights in changing energy suppliers?
view the consumer Bill of Rights in Pennsylvania, click here (English) and to view the consumer Bill of Rights for New York, click here (English, Spanish).